Composite Doors

Composite Doors

With our Arcadia Composite Doors, there is no compromising. Maximum security, optimal weather resistance and enhanced energy efficiency are combined with style and quality, a case of beauty meets beast. With 16 door styles, countless glazing options and a whole colour palate to choose from, there also are endless possibilities for personalisation to enable you to make your own grand entrance and create a stunning and lasting gateway to your home. But Arcadia doors give you so much more than just a beautiful looking door.

Double rebated Arcadia Composite Doors are 70mm in width and offer exceptional levels of durability, strength and impact-resistance. Door slabs also overlap with the frame; ensuring the door is fully sealed and providing enhanced thermal and weather performance.

  • 16 doors styles from classic to contemporary to suit any home
  • Huge colour choice with Camden Colour Palate
  • Available in 44mm single rebate or 70mm double rebate options


Composite Doors

Image Gallery of Installed Composite Doors